John Millman

John has been working in the camera department for the past seven years.
Starting off as a Trainee / VT operator and moved quickly into camera assisting.

Working as an assistant in live studio, dramas, music videos, documentary, corporate videos, short film features and commercials.

Working in television in various fields has given him a greater understanding of what is required in each of these environments.
Whether it’s rigging a multiple camera setup for studio, shooting on location or outside broadcasting.
John is also a long time photographer which first pushed him into the field of cameras.

From loading (2nd AC) he has recently started to (1st AC) Focus Pulling on smaller projects as well as junior camera operator.
He has also started to work as a remote head technician working on remote tracking systems and remotely operated camera heads up and down the country.

Working with such clients as the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky.